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Our Mission

Lee & Associates NYC is an office of Lee & Associates, a commercial real estate firm that specializes in office, industrial, and investment real estate services. We pride ourselves on national reach with local expertise. Our real estate professionals are able to provide clients with access to real time advice and facilitate thoughtful decisions in fast-changing business environments.

Executive team

Eric Sarner

Chief Operating Officer | Lee & Associates Management | General Counsel

Management & Development Executive Team

Leslie Thompson

Vice President | Director of Property Management

Darren Schumer

Senior Vice President | Project Management


Corey Abdo

Michael Berne

Rachel Bliss

Jonathan Braun

John Cannon

Reto Cantone

Bradley Diamond

Elliot Diamond

Zachary Diamond

Morris Dweck

James Ficelman

Brett Ari Fischer

Alan Friedman

Adam Frisch

Cory Gahr

Gregory Gang

Gregg Gropper

Alfonso Holloman

Corey Horowitz

Mark Kapnick

Vickram Jambu

Milana Kakuriyeva

Richard Kave

Woody King

Robert Koslow

Kelly Koukou

Mitchell Kunikoff

Conor Krup

Andrew Lesser

Stanley Lindenfeld

Jeffrey Lopez

Steve Lorenzo

Jonathan Miller

Stephanie Moore

Michael Musco

Justin Myers

Jedd Nero

Rory O’Connor

Catherine O’Toole

Meagan O’Toole-Raneri, ESQ.

Richard Plehn

Lisa Ann Pollakowski

Paul Popkin

Brendan Reichenbacher

Howard Rosen

Seth Rosen

Richard W. Rosenthal

Sidney Rosenthal

Jared Rutledge

Joseph Sadock

Mitchell Salmon

Kenneth Salzman

David Scher

Jaime Schultz

Brad Schwarz

Peter Shakalis

Sean Slattery

Dennis Someck

George Steffani

Garry Steinberg

JP Sutro

Gregory Tannor

Benjamin Tapper

Stephen Tarter

John Thompson

David Toran

Sergio Turaev

Chris Varjan

Christopher Ventura

Ari Waldman

Michael Watson

Leonard Zimmerman

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